Founder's Story

Founder's Story

Salle Privée was founded through a personal journey of style and creativity. The concept quickly developed into a brand and over a relatively short period of time gained presence in the industry. 

As a designer, I spent over twenty-five years passionately working for the fast paced fashion industry. I designed multiple collections to satisfy the increasing demand for ever-evolving trends. Yet, my personal wardrobe never seemed to change. Similar styles always captured my interest, collecting classics and iconic pieces; mostly coats. I recognised there was a demand for modern and refined essentials, a concept such a fast changing industry was quite unfamiliar with.

The fashion industry is dynamic and constantly changing, which often goes at the expense of quality and design. Consumers often prefer quantity over quality, while I believe the contrary: luxurious, timeless clothing is the concept worth pursuing. We should respect the classic silhouette and century-old manufacturing techniques, yet combine them with modern values to create a collection that consists of luxurious, timeless and ready-to-wear items that are fundamental to a man’s wardrobe.

Modern values are represented in the environments from which our brand seizes inspiration. Such as art, architecture, cities and their people, and all events happening in our world. With Salle Privée I want to connect with that world by portraying men who embody our brand, both young and old; artists, photographers, professors and entrepreneurs, each of them with a unique story. What they have in common is that they understand the global and transient nature of the modern man.

Salle Privée has already become more than a collection to me, I believe the brand represents a lifestyle and inspires by creating and telling a story.

Patrick Munsters