The pursuit of perfection in a man’s wardrobe


Salle Privée is a luxury brand for men who seek and respect the virtues of contemporary men's fashion. We believe that true luxury is equivalent to quality and take pride in assisting as your curator for iconic essentials with a modernist sensibility. 

Unlike other fashion brands, Salle Privée does not work with seasons or multiple collections; there is one unique range of iconic pieces, fulfilling the role of a completed man’s wardrobe and complementing the style of any man around the world. With this philosophy, we go back to the essence: it’s about clothing, style and silhouette. We don’t want to make a wardrobe, but the ultimate wardrobe. Whether you’re looking for a wool coat or a pair of summer shorts - the entire collection is available throughout the year.

Founder Patrick Munsters:

“Salle Privée was founded through a personal journal of style and creativity. I’ve been working in the fast paced fashion industry for decades, designing multiple collections to satisfy the increasing demand for ever-evolving trends. Yet, my own wardrobe never seemed to change. I recognized there was a demand for timeless essentials, a concept such a fast changing industry was quite unfamiliar with.” 


Salle Privée is committed to work with remarkable partners, those who speak the same language and share the same philosophy. How we get there is as important as the finished product. Our collection ensures the finest quality and wearability by representing the mastery of Italian tailoring; for every product category we have carefully selected the most inspiring, skilled and specialized partners in Italy.

[Journey of style]

Salle Privée guides you through a deeply personal journey of style and tells the stories of inspiring men from all over the world, who we call our ambassadors. Visit our JOURNAL and enter the world of Salle Privée.


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