SALLE PRIVÉE House of Design is a studio in the middle of Amsterdam where design ideas come to life. The house is committed to crafting and providing a ritzy lifestyle experience through its decors and its collection of sleek, but minimalist, elegance essentials. 

SALLE PRIVÉE House of Design is founded in Amsterdam in 2018 by designer duo Anna Hegeman and Patrick Munsters. The couple’s personal aesthetic ideals combined with creativity and a pioneering vision resulted in a new approach towards design and high-end fragrance.

SALLE PRIVÉE's innovative collection of timeless products and modern fragrances support personal and emotional comfort, and are sold in more than 20 countries worldwide.

The brand appeals to both men and women who share an appreciation for modern and timeless style, seeking A-class goods that communicate an evident sense of design ingenuity.

The House's latest design "CODE":

Some days are a mix of Celluloid Heroes and Le Temps Perdu. Other times I can feel absolutely Super 8 or perhaps Monochrome. This is how I use my perfume.” -- Patrick Munsters


| Collection |

In line with the brand’s modernist, urban aesthetic, as well as a conviction that true style extends to every facet of living, the House takes further pride in creating and curating a collection of high-end lifestyle goods and accessories to complement its wardrobe of 6 iconic fragrances.

The House is committed to their interpretation of New Luxury; the intersection of time, knowledge and resources – in acquiring the right products. New Luxury is defined by self-identifying with the object and its producer. Therefor the process of achieving our goal is just as important as the end result. For every product category in our selection of Clothing and Fragrances, we have carefully sourced the most innovative, skilled and specialised makers.

| Journal |

Our ongoing series of Portraits guides you through personal journeys of style, telling the stories of inspiring men from around the globe – men we have named our ambassadors. Browse our Journal and enter the world of SALLE PRIVÉE.


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