Matthew Moneypenny


New York

Matthew Moneypenny

Having represented New York’s art, photography and fashion elite, the Trunk Archive and Great Bowery founder knows how to make an impression, both at the office and in the city’s streets.




While off-duty, he combines looser and less formal garments to achieve a look that conveys an air of cool yet still maintains a definite elegance.




"I much prefer the term ‘being fashionable’ to ‘being a man of fashion’, because it’s really about how you look at the world."



Moneypenny maintains a professional image by layering pieces constructed with sharp and defined lines.




"I’m a dedicated monochromist. All black, all grey or all navy. It’s all much easier working with a single colour. Occasionally layering in one contrasting colour is also one of my favourite things to do."




"I think it’s really important to find your uniform – whatever that means to you – and then refine, refine, refine, and find the pieces that help enhance it."


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