Robert Kelly

There is a profound poetry in the way Robert Kelly describes the personal process behind his paintings. Balancing a deep self-awareness with a constant practice of looking outward, Robert pieces...
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Anton Corbijn

From conservative beginnings in rural Holland, Anton Corbijn became one of the world’s leading portrait photographers. His iconic, monochrome portraits have captured many of our culture’s greats including David Bowie,...
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DR Andrew Cook

Dr Andrew Cook is a heart specialist working in the fields of prenatal diagnosis, surgical and minimally invasive intervention. During his work at King’s College, UCL & Great Ormond Street...
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Amilcar Gomes

Amilcar Gomes is a creative director and a student of the sublime. Through motion and film, he teases out the tension between the abstract and the real to create dynamic...
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Wayne Maser

An alchemic mix of endless curiosity and an insatiable search for novelty drive the work of intrepid photographer, Wayne Maser. He first made his name as one of the greats...
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