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Rialto [Ree-al-toe] meaning: 1. a theater district. 2. a trading area or marketplace

Rialto is about many things, but first and foremost it stems from the founders love for Italy. The country they travel to regularly and is always an inspiration to them in so many ways. For its beauty but also its contrasts.

The scent, with Rialto being the name of a famous bridge in Venice, is inspired by the contrasts of Italy, so well illustrated by this city in which you can be extremely uncomfortable in a comfortable way. The result of this contrasting inspiration is a striking fruity amber, where sweetness and spiciness are unexpectedly blended in an intriguing unique experience. 

Be ready to feel comfortable in an uncomfortable way. To feel totally at ease and dive into hedonistic pleasure, whilst simultaneously gently pushed outside your accustomed boundaries by this creative edgy contradiction of delightful bourbon vanilla, peppers and tolu balsam. The heart of Rialto is elegant and soothing, with fig nectar, tea leaves and osmanthus. The total creation is sensually grounded by naughty amber and creamy sandalwood.

Rialto is Salle Privée’s take on the Italian dolce vita. A perfume as a sweet spice market on the Italian hot summer nights. One of beauty of past times confronted vigorously with the new.

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Details & Care

  • Luscious, elegant, romantic, energetic, refined
  • Top notes: raspberry leaf,  black currant, citruses, pink pepper
  • Heart notes: fig nectar, osmanthus, rooibos, violet
  • Base notes: tolu balsam, bourbon vanilla, sandalwood mysore, amberwood 
  • Eau de Parfum: 100 ml / 3.4 fl.oz., 30 ml / 1 fl.oz., 12 ml / 0.4 fl.oz
  • Made in France
  • Vegan, not tested on animals, packaging in FCS certified paper

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