About us


SALLE PRIVÉE House of Design is a studio in the middle of Amsterdam where design ideas come to life. The house is committed to crafting and providing a ritzy lifestyle experience through its decors and its collection of sleek, but minimalist, elegance essentials.

SALLE PRIVÉE House of Design is founded in Amsterdam in 2018 by designer duo Anna Hegeman and Patrick Munsters. The couple’s personal aesthetic ideals combined with creativity and a pioneering vision resulted in a new approach towards design and high-end fragrance

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SALLE PRIVÉE's innovative collection of timeless products and modern fragrances support personal and emotional comfort, and are sold in more than 20 countries worldwide. The brand appeals to both men and women who share an appreciation for modern and timeless style, seeking A-class goods that communicate an evident sense of design ingenuity.

Under the House of Design, Munsters - joined by his partner Anna Hegeman in 2018 - uses scent to emphasise and establish mood. The House is committed to their interpretation of New Luxury; the intersection of time, knowledge and resources – in acquiring the right products. New Luxury is defined by self-identifying with the object and its producer.

Munsters’ personal philosophy has always been that one can even layer scents as they see fit, and it is in this sense that one’s fragrance is more outspoken than one’s outfit. He recognised the demand for perfumes that could suit a mood instead of a person. And for perfumes that could be worn together.

“Some days are a mix of Kham-Sin and Le Temps Perdu. Other times I can feel absolutely Super 8 or perhaps completely Monochrome. This is how I use my parfum.” -

SALLE PRIVÉE Founder and
Creative Director, Patrick Munsters.

Our Story

Brand Values

SALLE PRIVÉE is committed to working with remarkable partners – those who speak our language and also share our values of simplicity, timeless style, elegance and quality craftsmanship. Our relationships extend beyond just doing business, as the way in which we achieve our goals is just as important as every finished product.

Design Consciousness

Quality craftsmanship and product exclusivity are central to our vision and brand influence in modern society, as well as the approaches we take to mind our footprint on the world. As conscious designers intimately connected to our surrounding environments and people, SALLE PRIVÉE avoids over-production and consistently strives to achieve more with less in creating quality products made to endure over time.

Les Parfums

For Munsters and Hegeman, fragrance is deeply connected to emotional comfort and self-confidence. While their approach towards design, notably fashion, is intentionally minimalist and almost uniform like, they view perfumes quite differently.

“A parfum is the thing that communicates your mood. If you feel a certain way you grab a certain parfum.” Their belief is that a perfume collection is a “collection of moods for moments”.

Subconsciously driven by memories, Munsters and Hegeman envision the bathroom ritual as a moment where one picks from their collection what best suits the mood of what they are about to do, whether it’s joining colleagues for a meeting, going out for the evening or even taking a pleasure drive. “By using a perfume on the go, you get that extra boost of emotional comfort.”