It's no surprise that cosmetics leave a footprint on the planet, but we’re working on reducing it. We are proud to start our journey towards sustainability and take a bigger responsibility where it’s most visible and tangible.

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FSC certified paper.
We support responsible forestry, therefore our new packaging is made of 100% recycled FSC Mix fibres. We also cut down on materials by removing inserts and leaflets. You’ll instead find a QR code on the box that you can scan to get all the information you need.

Transparency about manufacturing.
Our goal is to reduce emissions throughout our supply chain. So, one of the important steps was to source our new packaging and labels from local partners. The new packaging is completely manufactured and assembled in the Netherlands.

Our current packaging is not recyclable because of the metallic coating it has. It’s a super thin layer of plastic that makes the entire packaging so that it cannot be processed easily at recycling mills. The new packaging is very suitable to recycle.

Minimum use of ink.
Aimed at ensuring the maximum sustainability of the new design, we decided to develop an original embossing and use only one colour on the sticker. This way we managed to reduce ink usage by 70%.

Reducing the package size allowed us to reduce the footprint of our shipments. We use less cardboard and have reduced the weight of our transport packaging by 85% on average.

Le Temps Perdu

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Super 8

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Celluloid Heroes

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€220.00 EUR