The smell of books has been recognised in  Japan where, “the smell of old books was deemed so valuable that, in 2001, Japan’s Ministry of Environment listed the smell of the Kanda Old Bookstore Town, near Tokyo, in its 100 Most Fragrant Landscapes.” Perhaps this is not surprising when our sense of smell is so closely linked with memory. Create your memory with the Books & Parfums of SALLE PRIVÉE

The Drive Regular price 55
The Porsche 911 Book Regular price 110
Retrospective 1975 - 2015 Regular price 85
Septime: La Cave, Clamato, D’Une île Regular price 55
The Porsche Book Regular price 65
Icons by Oscar Small Regular price 30
The Watch Book Rolex Regular price 75
Shortlist Amsterdam: Comfortfood Recepten Regular price 35
The Kinfolk Travel Regular price 40
Accidentally Wes Anderson Regular price 35

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