Shortlist Amsterdam: Comfortfood Recepten

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In the fourth part of the award-winning Shortlist Amsterdam series, it is all about comforting food. Culinary journalists Famke & Floor van Praag collected the best comfort food recipes from 10 heartwarming Amsterdam restaurants.

From fabulous French bistro dishes and buttery plates of comfort food to progressive creations that give plenty of joy. Buttery sauces, rich ragouts and creamy risottos, but also more modern comforters: the 42 recipes from Amsterdam’s top chefs in this Shortlist are all equally comfortable.

From the luscious salmon terrine of Café de Klepel and Lille poached eggs in red wine sauce to Bambino’s zucchini with miso butter and the spectacular oyster dessert from Kaagman & Kortekaas. This special coffee table cookbook is a true tribute to the city’s most beloved comfort restaurants. 

Old faithful like Lille and Café de Klepel, but also successful ones newcomers such as Bambino, Slagerij de Beurs and VRR are beautifully portrayed by top photographers Petrovsky & Ramone. They are all original restaurants where not only are the food, service and wine fantastic, but where you can go wallow in a soothing atmosphere.


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