[Customs and & Import Taxes]


If you are ordering from outside of the European Union, your order may be subject to customs and import duties, to be paid upon delivery. These duties are outside of Salle Privée’s control, but in our efforts to allow overseas customers to get to know our brand without extra fees, we may be able to offer a refund, when some requirements are met.

The requirements in order to obtain a refund of import and customs duties are:

  1. You need to keep proof of payment and email it to customercare@salle-privee.com.
  2. From the day of delivery you have a 14 day period during which you can return the items you ordered. If you do not return anything, we will refund 100% of the import and customs duties. If you return one or more items from your order, we will look at the value of the goods returned, over the total value of the order, and offer you a corresponding partial refund of import and custom duties.

So, for example, if the total value of your order was €1.000, and you were charged 200€ in import duties, these are some possible scenarios:

  1. If you do not return anything and send us proof of payment of the duties, we will refund them entirely (€200).
  2. If you return everything, we will not refund any import duties.
  3. If you return products in your order for a value of €500 (so 50% of the total value of the order), we will refund 50% of the import duties you paid (so €100).

Please contact customercare@salle-privee.com if you have further questions about this.