SALLE PRIVÉE | House of design is a place where Art, Architecture, Music and Design come together as the sources of inspiration for perfume and design. The name SALLE PRIVÉE refers to the curation of your own private space. Whether it's the personal space around you, your home or your office, or the private place in your mind. The brand sees perfume as the opportunity to provide spaces with your own “mood" by wearing your perfume.

For our Amsterdam studio we are looking for talents to gain working experience as a visual design assistant, a full-time 6-month internship position. You will have the opportunity to learn and contribute to various aspects of visual design within SALLE PRIVÉE. You will work closely with our Graphic Designer / Digital Content Specialist to assist in creating visually compelling assets, graphics, and materials that align with our brand and communication goals.

Key Responsibilities

Graphic Design 

  • Assist in the creation of digital and print materials, including social media content, website visuals, posters, brochures and banners
  • Collaborate with the Graphic Designer / Digital Content Specialist to maintain a consistent visual identity and brand image

Presentation Design 

  • Participate in the design of presentations to ensure they are visually appealing, cohesive, and easy to understand
  • Ensure content is organised logically, flows smoothly, and maintains a consistent visual style

Video Creation & Editing

  • Participate in video content creation, including shooting and editing videos for marketing, tutorials, or other promotional materials

Content Creation

  • As we are exploring new media, we would like you to create engaging and creative short-form video content tailored for TikTok's format and audience
  • Experiment with TikTok trends, challenges, and styles while maintaining brand consistency

File Management

  • Organise and manage design assets, ensuring they are easily accessible to the team
  • Maintain digital libraries and archives

Collaboration & Communication

  • Collaborate with various members of the team (marketing, production, sales, content) to meet design needs and objectives


  • Currently enrolled in a degree program related to Graphic Design, Interaction Design, Visual Communication, or a related field
  • You have experience with Figma, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator or similar software
  • You have experience in presentation software such as PowerPoint, Keynote, or suggest a better tool that would enhance our presentations’ impact
  • Experience with TikTok content creation, including knowledge of trends and styles
  • Strong design sensibility with an understanding of layout, typography, color theory, and composition
  • Experience with photo/video creation, editing or animation is a plus
  • Experience with illustration and/or 3D graphics is a big plus
  • Good communication and teamwork skills
  • Strong attention to detail and a commitment to meeting deadlines

Good to know

  • This is a full time internship position for the period of 6 months
  • If you’re excited about this role but the period doesn’t perfectly align, we encourage you to apply anyways
  • If you are not a senior student but, for example, in their 3rd year, you are also welcome to apply


  • Valuable hands-on experience in the luxury perfume industry.
  • Mentorship and guidance from seasoned professionals.
  • Opportunities to contribute to strategies and campaigns.
  • Exposure to a creative and dynamic work environment.
  • Monthly compensation of €200.

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    Internship ideally to start in August / September 2024.