DAVIDE SORRENTI: ARGUESKE 1994–1997 "Vintage Condition"

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"Vintage Condition" means it has one, or a few, small marks. In the case of this book, it's only the outer sleeve that has some wear and tear, other than that no marks.

Davide Sorrenti. ArgueSKE 1994-1997. The first monograph. Published by IDEA. The original nineties New York energy evident on every page. Third edition.

Davide Sorrenti lived and worked in New York in the nineties. He was Francesca’s son, Mario and Vanina’s brother. With his friends, he tagged the city as the See Know Evil crew. He dated Jaime King. The pictures they made together may have been dubbed ‘heroin chic’ but they are better understood as the visual record of a nineties New York love affair. They will last forever.

The extraordinary photographs, the portraits of Jaime King, the pages and pages of scrapbook graffiti drawings, the tear sheets and contact sheets. A genuinely beautiful body of work. Quite simply the best, most important book IDEA ever made.

Edited and designed by Francesca Sorrenti, ArgueSKE 1994–1997 is wild style great on every page. The original energy is irrepressible: the collision of high fashion and the street; pages from magazines, pictures from photo booths, original prints (with original thumb prints), days of chaotic collages, scribblings and drawings in sketch books.

It is THE nineties book – by someone who didn’t live to see the end of that decade. Davide Sorrenti died aged twenty after creating, in just a few years, the most astonishing work.


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  • Pages: 176
  • Material: hardcover
  • Language: English
  • Size: 270x300x15 mm

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