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Product Description

SALLE PRIVÉE’s DISCOVER (IL)LEGAL Set consists of 2 x 2 ml samples of our latest fragrance duet Legal, an Eau de Parfum, and Illegal, an Extrait de Parfum. 

When you purchase the DISCOVER (IL)LEGAL Set, you will receive a €12 personalised voucher, via email, to use against any full-size 100ml fragrance, redeemable within three months of issue.*

If you gift the DISCOVER (IL)LEGAL Set to someone else, please mention the receivers name in the "Special instructions" during check-out so that we can correctly personalise the discount voucher.

* For details click below.

Details & Care

  • One DISCOVER (IL)LEGAL Set per person.
  • The discount voucher of €12 is valid for 3 months after your purchase.
  • The discount will be refunded from the purchase of a 100 ml Eau de Parfum or Extrait de Parfum. It's not possible to use the discount for any other SALLE PRIVÉE (fragrance) products.

Shipping & Returns

  • Worldwide standard and express shipping, click here to view the shipping options.
  • If you're ordering from outside of the EU, feel free to contact our Customer Care to be informed about alternative shipping options. 
  • The DISCOVER (IL)LEGA Set cannot be exchanged nor returned.