Streets of New York

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More than 60 million people visit New York City each year. Every single traveler experiences the city in a unique way. There is no such thing as one New York. Streets of New York is a New York photo book that celebrates the Big Apple’s tremendous diversity by bringing together 40 contemporary photographers and their multiple perspectives on this unique metropolis.

Often drawing on a strong social media presence, each photographer offers her or his personal take on New York’s unparalleled vibrancy, impact, and allure, creating both a rich collection of city photography and street style, and a visual catalogue of New York travel inspirations. Photographs of world-renowned New York landmarks and attractions like the Empire State Building, Brooklyn Bridge, and World Trade Center Transportation Hub are interspersed with pictures of New York’s hidden treasures, tucked-away Manhattan charms, and lesser known, but equally interesting New York City districts—all captured with a present-day attention to detail and a wide-eyed love for the City that Never Sleeps.

Alex Rivera, Alexis Le Bagousse, Bram van Woudenberg, Bryan Dumas, Casey Tang, Charissa Fay, Cindy Sung, Darius Hertzog, Demilade Balogun, Dondre Green, Edgar Santana, Eelco Roos, Emile Almekinders, Hal Haines, Ivan Meneses, Ivan Wong, Jacqueline Melesio, Jared Blake, Jason Peterson, Jayson Cassidy, Jennifer Bin, Jones Crow, Lucas Hornsby, Lucas Vocos, Michael Young, Mikel van den Boogaard, Miklas Manneke, Nazly Kasim, Neal Kumar, Ollie Nordh, Patrick Janelle, Peter Wu, Pie Aerts, Rafia Afsar, Steven Fingar, Stijn Hoekstra, Vincent Peone, Wesley Verhoeve, Wil Suárez, William Meier. 


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  • Pages: 224
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  • Language: English
  • Size: 287x220 mm
  • Publisher: teNeues / Mendo

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